When generating leads, this means that you are bringing in potential clients. And, these potential clients are skeptical. However, if you have a brand that they know, have seen and trust, they are more likely to purchase. This is why branding is so important. But, what does branding mean exactly? 

Branding is getting in front of people and getting them to know and trust you. It is a combination of your business name as well as your logo and the image that your brand projects. SSP Marketing has all heard of the national and major brands out there, however, there are local brands as well. People that everyone goes to and trusts to get whatever the work is done. They have established their brand locally such as jewelry stores or construction companies. They have run ads on social media, on the radio, or have done a great job at getting their name out there in some way. There are many ways to brand a company and that’s where we come in. SSP Marketing will work with you to devise a plan to improve your company’s brand. 


Our services include marketing your company online as well as:

Online Ad Campaigns

Brand Building

Website Design

On and Off-Page SEO

Online Audit

Working with you to determine if your current website is usable or if we will need to build a new one from scratch is key as well. We work with our websites on-page SEO, which is what is done to your site to help it to rank. 

Let's Create an

Overall Strategy

We need to come up with a game plan. What is our method of a plan of attack? You see, many industries are different and the best plan for one, might not work at all for another. So, working within your industry and seeing what others do is very important. Do they have a lot of Google ads running or Facebook ads? And, sometimes they are all doing one thing and not doing anything else. This actually could be harmful. After all, if your competition is all running on the same ad platform and leaving the other one completely open, well, that’s a great opportunity. So, analyzing the market is key here. Also, check on the strength of their SEO.

Also, how are we going to present your brand, remember, this is how people will remember and know your company. The logo may need a little tweaking as well, if it’s older and outdated, which is the perfect time for doing so.

Once we have done some analyzing and decided on an overall strategy, it’s time to put that plan into action. Much of this will certainly take some time, as it’s not something that will happen overnight. Of course, we can start ads right away, however, we will be in the background fine-tuning the ads to improve their results. Many times there may be some trials and errors going on to see what gets us the very best results as well. And, we will be tracking the audience so we can duplicate that audience and throw a bigger net, per se.

Let's Put The Plan

into Action

Let The Leads

Flow In

Once we have worked in our plan of action the leads will start to come in. This could be from ads or SEO work. Oftentimes ads are used to start generating leads right away while we work to get your SEO up to par. We want you to have leads to help fund the SEO strategy that we have worked on. SEO is a more long term goal that will help generate leads for years to come. However, ads are a great way to generate leads now and today. 


First, we need to do an online audit of your website to see it’s health. Both on-page, as well as off-page SEO, need to be analyzed as well as your industry as we have said. We want to see what others are doing in your market and especially those that are achieving great results. We will improve on their strategies which will improve your search engine rankings. Building up your rankings will help you get noticed and seen more by your potential clients.

Website Design and Build

Some of our clients come to our brand new, with no website at all and that’s okay as well. It is great that you want to start a business and building a website is a great step to success. We also build and redesign a website for those that have business with them but they are old and outdated. Building the proper website to help in its ranking is what we offer. When we build your website we not only build it for proper user experience but also for your SEO.

Lead Generation & Brand Growth

Lead Generation comes with Brand Growth which will help you increase your sales and improve your bottom line. After all, that’s what is important here, right? SSP Marketing works our clients across the board to get them the leads that are looking for through SEO, branding, and paid ads.

When you are offering your services or products it is important to meet the expectations of your patient or client. Brand Reputation is also apart of the overall branding process and having a great reputation is important to your overall success.